Painting histories


Bespoke Building Services Pty Ltd.., Luke Dicksoner 0434881361

My old clients want to know about that why leave from Jim’s Professional Painting (ACT) Franchise, because Jim charge $1200 every month. and  not enough jobs. That why I leave from Jim’s Painting franchise. I lost my money a lot.

Painting Histories in This year

106 Vasey cres, Cambell, ACT (Interior Painting)  ( Bespoke Building services Pty ltd..,)

12 Laver Place, Melba, ACT. ( Interior Painting) ( Bespoke Building Services Pty Ltd..,)

Leanne, 36 Henry street, Cook, ACT (Exterior painting)

Paul ,7 Wybalena Grove,Cook,ACT (Interior & Exterior Painting)

Stefan&Iva Plessnitzer, 6 Upton Street, 6 Upton streeet Monash, ACT

Joseph Kwak, 109 Mugga way 47 James Street, Redhill,ACT Curtin, ACT ( Exterior Painting)

109 Mugga way, Redhill,ACT (Interior Painting)




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